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We aim to collaborate with manufacturers of spray paint products. To help them with providing our insights and knowledge regarding measuring the environmental impact of spray paint products and communicating their effort to their customers. As producing companies spray paint manufacturers have the knowledge, resources and power to implement new solutions. Here are some basic steps that manufacturers can take to contribute to the overall aim of The Aerosol Alliance movement: reducing the negative impact of spray paint.

  1. 01. Measure your product's impact
  2. 02. Share insights
  3. 03. Innovate with sustainable products

01. Measure your product's impact

We know that manufacturers have the biggest influence on the overall environmental footprint of graffiti cans. The largest contribution to the impact of spray cans is coming from production and raw material usage. Researching and developing more sustainable products will be the challenge for the upcoming years.

Therefore, measuring the impact by using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), is the first step necessary to find out your specific hotspots in the supply chain. We want to collaborate with the spray paint industry, to find solutions and drastically reduce the impact of spray cans and paint.

Read how we measured the impact of spray paint on our page: Facts - Impact. Get inspired to start measuring the impact of your products. We can help to do it right!

02. Share insights

It will become more and more relevant to share information on the sustainability performance of your products. In the end legislation becomes the driver. However, as a company it is better to stay ahead of upcoming legislation!

If you have a sustainability report or a Product Footprint (LCA) available of spray paint, it is crucial to share the insights with your audience. Your most important stakeholders are those who purchase and use your product. Besides the quality of the paint, can-control and costs, the impact of the paint they use will become a relevant specification to know. The latter will allow artists and the users of your end product - a spray can - to make a conscious decision. This enables them to choose which spray can or paint they would like to use to make great art. And allows the artist to limit the environmental impact of their art work.

03. Innovate with sustainable products

All in all, it is time to start developing more sustainable products. Let's join forces and find ways to improve your products. We represent a large community of users of the products that you produce. We long for better and more environmentally friendly products. And are willing to contribute to make this process of developing better spray cans a little easier. Get in touch and find out how The Aerosol Alliance can help with measuring your product's footprint.