You can support our endeavor to make the spray paint industry more sustainable. There are multiple ways to do this. Check them out!

  1. 01. Create a shout out
  2. 02. Stating your name
  3. 03. Make a donation! But why?
  4. 04. How to submit a donation

01. Create a shout out

Support us with a creative shout out. Are you making a piece or a mural and want to support us? Incorporated our name: 'The Aerosol Alliance' in your art work. Make a photo! Share it on Instagram using #aerosolalliance and we will include your work on our Instragram page.

02. Stating your name

You can join The Aerosol Alliance and our allies. Did you check out our current supporters on the home page? Dope, right?

Drop your own photo and empowering sustainability quote. We will embed it on the homepage of this website. Submit your quote by using the following Online Form. Don't worry it is safe!

03. Make a donation! But why?

We are a non-profit organization that needs the support in the form of donations as we work on a voluntary basis but we do have running costs. In addition, we want to promote our initiative with a broader audience. Therefore, support in the form of a donation is more than welcome! Here's what we can do with it:

  • Keeping this platform alive!
  • Promote our initiative by creating a (video) marketing campaign on several social media platforms.
  • Visit congresses and conventions to stay in contact with the manufacturers and affiliated organizations.
  • Partnering with industry associations to lobby for sustainable spray paint.
  • Do the research and find relevant information from manufacturers, artists, researchers and other players in our field that know more about sustainable ways of spray painting.

04. How to submit a donation

Help us out via a donation. If you would like to donate and support The Aerosol Alliance. Feel free and use the 'Support us' button below. It will navigate your to our donation module. Any donation will allow us to keep this website live and to continue the development of more content and information for our Allies.

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