We want to create a platform where everybody can share their ideas, thoughts, feelings and tips. This will lead to more opportunities, solutions and people discussing these urgent issues regarding the impact of spray paint. As artists and creatives, we need to come together as a community and work together. So if you have any ideas on what we can do to improve the spray can industry feel free to share them with us! Here is what we will do and which points we aim to address.

  1. 01. Raise awareness
  2. 02. Measuring the impact
  3. 03. Contribution of spray paint components
  4. 04. Comparing paints
  5. 05. Reduce waste
  6. 06. The impact on our health

01. Raise awareness

The first thing we want to do is raise awareness. Making people aware of the problem and to inform them, so that they realize what is going on. Thereby, we want to make visible how many people in our scene are also worried about this subject. Raising and spreading awareness is the one of the most important parts of it all.

02. Measuring the impact

How do we measure the environmental impact of products such as spray paint? Well, we are using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). This is a proven and widely adopted scientific method, which ensures we take into account all environmental impact across the life cycle of a product. If we want to measure the impact of spray paint we first will have to look into the supply chain of spray paint. Which steps occur and which stages are relevant to take into account?  Read more about how we measured the impact of spray paint cans our page: Facts - Impact.

03. Contribution of spray paint components

In order to address the right topics and tackle the larger issues first there's more we need to know about the contribution of specific components of spray paint. Therefore we need to know several crucial things. For example: "What kind of paint is inside our beloved tool?" Which materials are the container - the spray paint can - made of and what are the effects of it? What are the key components of spray paint and what is the impact of the ingredients that are being used? Read more about the components of spray paint and the aerosol can on the page: Facts - Production.

04. Comparing paints

What is the environmental impact of water- or solvent based paint compared to other types of paint? We believe that for artists to make better decisions it is important to have the right information. We want to make relevant information about spray cans and spray paint accessible for artist worldwide. So everybody knows exactly what the impact of the environment is. For instance, what is the difference between water based and solvent based paint? Which one is better for the environment? How does it compare to latex paint? Currently we are researching this topic and hope to provide clear and simple answers in the near future, by collaborating with spray paint manufacturers.

05. Reduce waste

How can waste be reduced? We want to start a conversation with artists but with recycling facilities on how we can collaborate to make our scene a more sustainable one. For this conversation we want to use the findings of our research and share it on our platform. The number of people who have signed our manifesto will prove the urgency of this matter. Read more about the waste treatment process of spray paint at: Facts - End-of-Life.

06. The impact on our health

What is the impact on our health of water or solvent-based paint compared to other paint? For many compounds present in spray paint it is unclear what the health effects are. Therefore, we want to start a conversation with the spray can manufacturers on how to share knowledge regarding the health effects of spray paint.

We can also benefit from your knowledge and we would like to use your input on our platform. Do you know more about the health effects of spray paint? Share your ideas and knowledge using the button below!

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