The spray can is deeply rooted in the graffiti and street art subcultures. Spray paint products have made it possible for artists across the globe to bring their ideas to life and bring color to our cities. However, we see our responsibility for the effects spray paint products have on the environment. As artists and creatives, we are aware that our planet needs help and we must ensure that we do what we can to limit our negative impact. There is a lack of knowledge and transparency around the environmental footprint of spray paint and the material make up of this product. From the UK, Germany to the US we still are not able to find a recycling center that will successfully recycle the spray can.

This brings us to the realization that we need to address the environmental impact across the entire life cycle of a spray can and all issues including recycling. We, the artists and the manufacturers, need to come together to research and discuss solutions to limit the impact that these products have on the environment. As artists, creatives, and people passionate about our planet, we need to work together to find a more sustainable way of doing what we love.

Dear manufacturers, we've loved using your products for decades, we collaborated on numerous projects, and we share the common interest not to destroy the world we live in. We need to open up a direct and transparent dialogue on how to find solutions to make spray paint more sustainable.

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